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    I’m long-time Sharks and Springbok supporter and love the technicality of the game, but there is something about watching scrums in the modern that has been bothering for quite awhile now. When it comes to scrums I can fully understand why a ref blows up a player for such things as illegal binding, engaging early, or buckling under pressure, but there is one scenario in a scrum that still has me puzzled.

    A hypothetical of the scenario is a tighthead prop will go up against a loosehead prop, which then followed by what seems to be the loosehead hinging, but at the same it seems like the opposition tighthead has over-extended his leg with them not being underneath him, thus not supporting his own body weight, and ending up flat on the deck with the loosehead bent in half giving the appearance of hinging. My questions from this long-winded scenario are:
    A) Aside from shoulders above waist height, how does a ref determine if it is hinging by the loosehead vs over-extending/not supporting own weight by the tighthead;
    B) Is this one of those laws that are still open to interpretation and;
    C) Is there leeway in this law when a 2m tall player goes up against 1.7m tall player?

    I look forward to your answer.

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