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  • Ben Ha
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    Dear Mr Kaplan,
    I recently read your book ‘Call It Like It Is’ from the perspective of a young referee in Australia and thoroughly enjoyed the stories in relation to both life and refereeing that it told.
    Currently refereeing is only a passion for me, and a bit of handy pocket money but I’m wondering if I should attempt to take it further. I hear from some of the Aus Super Refs that the last generation of full time referees are retiring or close to, plus the ARU is almost broke as it is.
    Looking back on your professional refereeing life, what do you recommend I do and how should I go about it?
    However, I understand you got more out of it than money of course, and that serving the game is and was a large part of it for you.

    Thanks very much for the lessons in book, reading this if you did, and I look forward to your reply.



  • Lungi Holl
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    Dear Mr Kaplan,

    I am in a similar situation to Ben Ha right now. I’ve been refereeing whilst finishing my final school year. Some bad knee injuries have prevented me from ever playing the sport again, but I am truly interested in continuing my involvement. I would like to know what I should do to pursue this further?

    Thanks for your advice.

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